psychotherapist, masters degree in counseling psychology

“You’ve been a huge help and I’ll be using the techniques and tools you’ve provided me on a daily basis. I’m really shocked by the progress I’ve made in such a short time.” – client dealing with social anxiety

“I can’t stress how thankful I am for all of your help! It’s been amazing. Completely changed my life!” – client dealing with depression

“When I first spoke to you I was in the worst place I could have imagined and was giving serious thought to ending my own life after the death of my beloved wife… It is no overstatement to say that you have helped to save my life. I felt compelled to write to you as I needed to say just how grateful I am, as indeed my friends and family are that you were there when I needed someone the most. Your care and dedication have helped me more than mere words could ever express. To put it simply, you are the rock in my thoughts. When I feel low or get stressed I think of the words of kindness and encouragement you gave me, the coping skills and the clear vision you have armed me with.” – client dealing with grief and loss

“Sara is a gifted therapist, with natural empathy and kindness. She works hard for her clients and conducts herself in a professional and ethical manner. It is easy to trust Sara for thoughtful and intelligent insight into presenting problems, and I would have no hesitation to refer clients to her” – Julia Leibowich, Family Services Counsellor.